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2021 Wrap Up

Hi Hookers! 2021 has been such a busy and exciting time for Studio Marie! We have gone through periods of rapid growth that has literally left our heads spinning. We have had both flops and stellar successes this year. Here are some highlights of the major changes!

In-person markets! This has easily been the biggest change for us this year, and quickly contributed to some of the other growth we underwent this year. We began regularly attending an artisan market in Watauga, Texas. Attending market provided us with not only a new revenue stream, but direct and valuable feedback from customers. This has lead to new designs and fan favorites as we get a better idea of what y'all love!

We could not be more pleased with our experience with these markets. Our fellow vendors have been incredibly welcoming and supportive. We look forward to making Wautaga Artisans Market our home and expanding our market presence next year as well!


Notice that I keep saying "we"? We experienced increased demand from the markets, growth in our Etsy shop, and steady commissions this year. With all this growth I knew it was time to bring on some more creative talent. I am so blessed to now work alongside my talented sister Suzanne and mother Mary as Studio Marie continues to evolve and grow.


Suzanne is a photographer and mainstay of our market presence. I like to refer to her as my "design consultant" While she does not crochet, her eye for composition and detail is invaluable and she has a direct hand in many our our finished designs.


Mary is a talented seamstress, in addition to being a crocheter, and plays a major role in our production along side me. She excels at fine details with a needle and takes great joy in bringing life to pieces by creating their faces.


Pattern Kits! Studio Marie will always have a main focus on design. I love creating patterns that are easy to follow and highly accessible to all levels of experience. The sunflower coaster pattern quickly became a best seller on Etsy. In response to this reaction we created a pattern kit for it. Each kit includes a printed pattern, voucher for digital copy, crochet hook, custom stitch marker, and all yarn needed. Of course, we are still learning and there will likely be some changes to the finished presentation of these kits in the coming months.

We are so excited to explore this product line and hope to create kits for our other patterns as well. If you have a suggestion, please let us know in the comments!


Thank you so much for spending this year with us! We wish you Happy Holidays! Let's see where 2022 brings us.

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