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To assemble your playmat, first lay all your tiles out how you would like them to appear when finished. This is how I laid out mine, but because the tiles are all modular, you can make yours however you like! That's probably my favorite part of this project!

A note about blocking. The first time I assembled this, I blocked it after connecting all the tiles together. So this tutorial reflects that in the pictures. I would recommend blocking your tiles prior to connecting them. I blocked each tile to 7"by 7".


Lay your left most row on top of the row next to it so that right sides are facing each other.


Pick up your first two pieces with the left most row facing you. There will either be a "clean edge" in which you can clearly see the chain, or a "raw edge" which was a side of the tile. If it is a clean edge insert your hook into the back loop only. is If it is a raw edge insert your hook through any vertical bar on the edge. This will create a nearly invisible seam when facing the right side.

Insert your hook through both tiles. Yarn over with whatever color you used for your roads. Pull through. Continue to slip stitch the tiles together. Its not incredibly important to parallel each stitch together as long as the edges of the road portions match up.

When you reach the end of the first set of tiles, simply pick up the next two and continue to slip stitch. Continue until all the tiles in the row are finished.

When you reach the end of that row, either fasten off or slip stitch to the next row. Fold the next row on top of the middle row so that right sides are facing each other. Follow the arrows, vertical and horizontal, until all the seams are done.


Once you have finished connecting your tiles its time to add embellishments! Attach your trees and rocks. I then threaded my yarn needle with two strands of pink yarn and embroidered flowers in the "grassy" areas. Adding these 3D elements and pops of color make a huge difference. Weave in any ends.

I hope you have enjoyed this crochet along! I would love to see your finished projects! drop them in the comments below or post them on on social media with the hashtag #studiomariecrochet

What would you like to see next for a crochet along?

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