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Crochet Along Car Road Map

My toddler is obsessed with vehicles. Cars. Trucks. Boats. Planes. Garbage trucks. Trains. So when I found myself between projects last year I realized exactly what I needed to make next. A rug of some kind with roads, different textures, 3D elements like trees and boulders!

I searched Pinterest. I looked on Google. I checked Etsy. Nothing looked like what I envisioned in my mind. So I began to free hand it and just make it up as I went along. Using scraps and ends of colors I typically wouldn't use due to their intensity I made this.

Kai loved it. He has played with it nearly everyday for the last year. Its gone through the washer and dryer twice and looks almost as fresh as when I finished the last stitch. Fast forward a year and I have become serious about writing patterns. So why not write a pattern for the one thing I couldn't find and share it with all of you?

This crochet-along will consist of modular "tiles". You will be able to arrange them any way you like so each map is unique to you and your little’s interests. You can either sew the tiles into place, or let your little create a new world every time they play!

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My Self
My Self
02 янв. 2021 г.

Great idea!

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