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Making Marie

This is a current work in progress. I will be updating as I go.


Hi friends! I've been asked to make physical mascots for a few podcasts and streamers. While I had never thought to create one before, I love seeing the way they incorporate their physical mascot into their digital content. A friend recommended to me that many of our Instagram photos show amazing products, but don't really convey scale. We thought it would be fun to solve that problem by making a physical mascot of our own, Marie. Immediately I begin imagining stop motion videos of Marie interacting with our projects or her hanging out on our market table!

So as we brainstormed we came up with a few criteria for her:

  • Able to stand on her own

  • Fully poseable

  • Able to change outfit/accessories with seasons and events

I have previously worked with wire skeletons, and while they provide amazing pose ability, they just don't provide the kind of stability I needed for her to stand on her own. I had a few wooden art models laying around and we decided to try that for her skeleton.

Thin cotton yarn is my go to for projects like this and I had some silver color laying around that would be a perfect neutral option for whatever outfits we put on her.

I started with one foot and worked my way up to the hip, then made another leg and

connected the two using a few slip stitches that I then crocheted over. I've recently begun using this technique for my amigurumi with bodies this shape. If you haven't tried it I highly recommend as it eliminates any gapping.

What I did not anticipate was how awkward it would feel crocheting around a solid object. Often my hook end would bump into the wood and throw me off, or I would need to hold the project awkwardly to get the correct angle.


Make sure to check back for more updates!

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