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Sully and Milton

Hi friends! I cant believe how long it's been since I've written a blog post or updated you on a project! I was furiously studying for my Board of Certification of Athletic Training (which I passed by the way!) then following up on everything to complete the process. But I'm back now and ready to do my favorite things again, crochet and tell you all about it.


I received a commission for custom pillows based off two pet ferrets. These little guys are adorable! I love how they turned out, and you may see more ferrets at market from now on!

Sully's markings were initially a challenge for me. I wanted to make sure I got them right and feel like they make the face truly accurate. I tried to hand paint the markings with Rit Dye More. Since the yarn is synthetic fiber I thought this dye would "take" the best. Nope! After washing and dying the pillow the next morning the dye bled over the entire pillow, making it a grey blob.

What should have been a disaster was actually perfect. The variegated grey yarn I mistakenly created was the exact shade I needed for the markings. After frogging my first attempt, I used that yarn and 100 color changes to make it right.

Meet Sully.

Meet Milton.

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