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Sunflower Coasters

How beautiful are these coasters? They are incredibly easy to work up and only use basic stitches despite looking complicated. I made five of them using less than half a skein of both the gold and brown yarn so they are perfect for those leftovers lurking in your stash!

These would make a perfect housewarming gift, or something to brighten anyone's day.


  • E crochet hook 3.5 mm

  • Yarn needle

  • 50 yards brown worsted weight cotton yarn

  • 50 yards gold worsted weight cotton yarn

  • Small amount green worsted weight cotton yarn

Stitches and Abbreviations

  • Magic Circle-MC

  • Single Crochet-SC

  • Slip stitch-SS

  • Half Double Crochet-HDC

  • Double Crochet-DC

  • Treble Crochet-TC


Gauge is not important in this pattern.

I used Peach & Creme yarn.



Work in a continuous round. Do not slip stitch or turn at the end of each row

Row 1 Using brown, create a magic circle. SCx6 in the MC and pull tight.

Row 2 2SC in each stitch. [12]

Row 3 2SC. SCx1. Repeat x5 [18]

Row 4 2SC. SCx2. Repeat x5 [24]

Row 5 2SC. SCx3. Repeat x5 [30]

Row 6 2SC. SCx4. Repeat x5 [36]

Fasten off and weave in ends.


Attach to a back loop any SC of the center with yellow yarn

Chain 1. In the same stitch HDC. In next stitch TC.

Make a picot. Chain 3. Insert hook through the right side of TC. Yarn over and pull through. Pull through chain.

In the same stitch, make another TC. HDC in the next stitch and chain one. Slip stitch to the next stitch.

In the same stitch, chain 1 and HDC. In the next stitch TC, Picot, and TC. In the next stitch HDC and chain 1. SS into the next stitch. Repeat this around the center to make 12 petals.

Leaf Tie

Chain 10. Beginning in the second chain from hook, SS, SC, HDC, DC, TC, DC, HDC, SC, SS.

Then chain 60. In the second chain from the hook SS, SC, HDC, DC, TC, DC, HDC, SC, SS.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

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