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Tuesday Tips Yarn Management

How is everyone this week? The weather is finally cooling down here. This summer was the hottest on record and I am not sad at all to say hello to fall. What Fall or Halloween themed projects would you like to see this month?


*Disclaimer* I am receiving no commission from this post, I just really love this product!


I cannot believe I have not already talked about my yarn ball winder. This Stanwood model is easily the most helpful tool I have to maintaining sanity as my stash has grown over the years. While it says it winds 4oz, I have put up to 8oz on it with no issue. It has lasted a little over 4 years now and withstood quite a bit of abuse from my 4 year old who is convinced it is a robot.

It sits perched on top of my cubby storage because I easily use it daily.

I do not immediately "cake" every skein of yarn I get unless it does not have an easy center pull already. I am definitely a center pull crocheter. The primary use for my winder is is for partial skeins. Most of my projects leave partial skeins in multiple colors. Rather than loose skeins that will ultimately knot, I make tight cakes that I can stack in cubby storage.

For best results, I recommend using it for yarn weights 2-5. The bulkier the yarn gets, the harder it is to get it in the groove to start. I also like to use moderate tension to make the tightest cakes possible.

I hope this helps you with your yarn stash, happy hooking!

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