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Waves of Grain

You will need gold worsted weight yarn and a 3.5mm hook. We will be making a series of chains and slip stitches in the 3rd loop of each HDC in every other row.

The texture on this tile is incredible! It is sure to be a favorite.


Begin with 25 Foundation Half Double Crochet. Make a total of 20 rows in HDC. If you need any help with Foundation Stitches please refer to this post where I provide a detailed tutorial. Do not cut your working yarn!


Waves of grain

Slip stitch 1 time in the edge of the square. Then slip stitch into the 3rd loop of the first HDC.

Make 8 chains. Slip stitch in the next 3rd loop. Repeat across the row, ensure that you go all the way to the last 3rd loop of the row.

Slip stitch 1 time in the side of the tile. Slip stitch in the 1st, 3rd loop of the next row. Turn your work. Repeat *chain 8, slip stitch in next 3rd loop* across the row.


Row 3+

Repeat row 2 until there are 10 rows of waves.


Fasten off and weave in ends!

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