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Tuesday Tips Intro

Thank you so much for joining me for Tuesday Tips! I began crocheting 10 years ago, taught the basic stitches by a friend my senior year of high school. Immediately I was "hooked". I began crocheting during my classes once my work was done, to the frustration of some teachers. But hey, better than sneaking onto my cell phone right?

After those initial lessons I was self taught. I stumbled through many projects that I now look back at and cringe. But we all start somewhere! After 10 years of hooking along, scouring the internet for crochet blogs to learn new techniques, trying almost every technique I came across, and now writing my own patterns, I think I am now ready to pass along some of what I've learned!

Every Tuesday I'll upload a new "tip". These may be short and simple or a little more complex depending on what is covered that week. If there is anything you would specifically like to know, please let me know in the comments! My purpose is to help you learn, so I would love nothing more than your feedback.

I look forward to learning together and see you next Tuesday. Happy Hooking!

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